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The West Virginia 24-Credit Compliance Bundle contains twenty-four (24) CLE hours, including three (3) in Ethics for only $269.

CLE Center is an approved and accredited provider of CLE for the State of West Virginia, by the West Virginia MCLE Commission.

The West Virginia Mandatory CLE Commission issued an order suspending the live CLE requirement through June 30, 2020. WV attorneys can now complete their full 24-hour CLE requirement through computer-based training courses, or in-house instruction.

You'll have one full year from the date of your purchase to complete your programs.

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Bundle Courses

17 Courses
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91 minutes
The Practice and Process of Law: Preparing for a Deposition
Most everything attorneys do can be reduced to a checklist—a series of steps that followed will allow you to achieve a given legal task, especially preparing for a deposition. In this program, you'll hear expert attorneys discuss the art of skillfully preparing for a deposition.

American Bar Association

1.82 - General

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60 minutes
Elder Abuse: How to Recognize It and How to Respond
This program will assist you in identifying who can be abused, the types of abuse, and the warning signs or “red flags” of potential abuse for both the victims and perpetrators. You'll also discover possible ethical issues or potential ethical dilemmas legal professionals may face when dealing with elder abuse issues and how to respond.

American Bar Association

1.2 - General

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61 minutes
How to Leverage Technology to Effectively and Ethically Delegate Non-Legal Work
Need more time to handle your caseload? Getting a better grip on law practice technology could help with many of the tasks overwhelming you now. Learn the tools and rules you need to know to ethically and effectively delegate.

American Bar Association

1.22 - Ethics

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62 minutes
What Drug Dealers and Celebrities Teach Lawyers about Professional Responsibility
There are a variety of sections in our ethics code which encourage or direct lawyers to take action that could affect wide-ranging societal change. It's these sections which, if implemented correctly, could allow lawyers to "change the world” and that’s the thrust this program.

Stuart Teicher

1.24 - Ethics

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62 minutes
Bias Has Been Eliminated... Hypothetically Speaking
In this program, we discuss the elimination of bias in the legal profession. However, this is a two for one deal, because we also cover ethics. How do we accomplish that, you ask?

Stuart Teicher

1.24 - Ethics

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141 minutes
United States Supreme Court Term Ending June 2019 Decisions Involving Criminal Law Issues and the U.S. Constitution
In this program, Professor Saltzman summarizes and explains every criminal law related decision by the U.S. Supreme Court during the October 2018 - June 2019 term. This includes cases on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendments. He will also discuss Gundy v US which covers Article I Section 1 regarding the legislative power vested in Congress. 

Saltzman Seminars

2.82 - General

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94 minutes
The New Proposed 162(m) Regulations - What You Need to Know and Do!
Just in time for the holidays, proposed regulations were issued to implement the changes to Section 162(m) made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

American Bar Association

1.88 - General

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66 minutes
Psychobabble in the Courtroom: How to Spot It and How to Stop It
In this program, Dr. Brian Russell, clinical psychologist and practicing attorney, will discuss how "psychobabble" can affect a case and offers some tips on how to spot it and what to do to stop it.">In this program, Dr. Brian Russell, clinical psychologist and practicing attorney, will discuss how "psychobabble" can affect a case and offers some tips on how to spot it and what to do to stop it.

Dr. Brian Russell

1.32 - General