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The Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education allows attorneys to take nine (9) of thirty-six (36) CLE credit hours online.

With the Indiana Compliance Bundle, you can complete nine (9) CLE hours required by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education, including three (3) hours in Ethics.

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Bundle Courses

8 Courses
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78 minutes
Contract Drafting for Transactional Attorneys: Every Word Matters
This course is the first part of our series on “Contract Drafting for Beginning Transactional Attorneys.” It can be watched on its own or as part of the series. In addition to the course content described, we will give practice notes for drafting, negotiating, and advising clients and relate the material here to other parts of this series.

New Media Rights

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58 minutes
Cheaper, Faster, Better: Unlocking the Potential of AI & Blockchain Technology to Improve & Enable Legal Services
In this session, panelists will explore use-cases for automation efficiency and share how these technologies are enabling them to manage at scale, and focus more on value-add opportunities for their departments.


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152 minutes
United States Supreme Court October Term 2017 Decisions Involving Criminal Law Issues
In this program, Professor Saltzman describes and explains every criminal law related decision by the U.S. Supreme Court during the October 2017-2018 term. This includes cases on the 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendments, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, and all Federal Criminal Law decisions.

Saltzman Seminars

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62 minutes
Beyond the Attack - Legal & Ethical Considerations in Breach Response
This session will go over some of the best practices/common pitfalls in response and identify some ways to help minimize legal exposure and organizational harm while balancing ethical obligations in breach response.


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60 minutes
What Starbucks and the Ethics Rule Teach Lawyers about Attracting Clients
The ABA has since convened another commission, the “20/20 Commission,” which recommended additional changes to the code. Those amendments were adopted by the ABA’s House of Delegates in August of 2012 and will probably be coming to a “rulebook near you” very shortly. Stuart Teicher will discuss the seven elements that direct lawyers how to lead a “principled practice”.

Stuart Teicher

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61 minutes
What Notorious Characters Teach about Confidentiality
In this program, Stuart Teicher will discuss ABA Model Rule 1.6(a) on Confidentiality and other ethics rules that play a role.

Stuart Teicher

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63 minutes
Litigation Do's and Don'ts: Practical Strategies for Managing Complex Disputes in Today's Environment
How does one deal with a complex case these days? It seems that more often than expected, a seemingly simple case can transform into a complex situation. In such instances, the skills and endurance of in-house counsel are tested. In this session, we’ll discuss everything from how to recognize the signs of not-so-simple cases, initial tasks to reduce overall risk, appropriate resource allocation, types of case management software that GCs are using, and cost management strategies that can go a long way.

General Counsel Conference

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61 minutes
New Tactics for Case Management: Maximizing Efficiency & Minimizing Cost
In this session, we will explore new case management techniques that can bring litigation and its costs under control and instill a greater measure of predictability into the process.

Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference