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The Definitive Reservation of Rights Checklist: 50 Things That Every ROR Letter Needs

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 60 minutes
Recorded Date: May 18, 2017
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  • The Reservation of Rights Curiosity

  • Standard form terms and conditions explained in a manner that resembles fingerprints

  • The Two Purposes of a Reservation of Rights?

  • The Legal Purpose – defend insured and prevent waiver of coverage defenses

  • The REAL Purpose of a Reservation of Rights - Prevent Misunderstanding Providing a defense can create a false sense of security in the insured

Runtime: 1 Hour 
Recorded: May 18, 2017


One of the most frequent and important tasks associated with liability claims is drafting a Reservation of Rights letter. But despite how common they are, there is no set way to draft them. Differences in approaches and their contents can vary widely. And no matter how much experience a person has drafting Reservation of Rights letters, it is still easy to omit something.

Courts have been penalizing insurers for issuing Reservation of Rights letters that they do not believe are adequate. This penalty can be severe -- the loss of a coverage defense that would have otherwise served to eliminate or minimize an insurer's obligation to provide coverage.

This webinar will provide a checklist of 50 items that every Reservation of Rights letter should have - or should be considered.

The webinar will discuss the blockbuster January 2017 decision in Harleysville Group Insurance v. Heritage Group Communities, where the South Carolina Supreme Court provided key lessons in how to draft an effective reservation of rights letter.

This program was recorded on May 18th, 2017.

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Randy J. Maniloff
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Randy J. Maniloff

White and Williams LLP

Randy Maniloff is an attorney at White and Williams, LLP in Philadelphia. He concentrates his practice in the representation of insurers in coverage disputes over primary and excess obligations under a host of policies, including commercial general liability and various professional liability policies.  Randy is the co-author of General Liability Insurance Coverage – Key Issues In Every State (Third Edition, 2015).  Randy publishes Coverage Opinions, a monthly electronic newsletter, with over 21,000 subscribers, that addresses insurance coverage developments across the country and interviews famous lawyers.  Randy has published dozens of articles addressing numerous insurance coverage topics, including, for the past fourteen years, a year-end article that examines the ten most significant insurance coverage decisions of that year.  Randy is a frequent lecturer at insurance industry seminars has been quoted on insurance coverage topics by such media as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Associated Press.  In his spare time Randy is a stand-up comic and has performed at some of the most famous clubs in the country.


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