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56 minutes
Health Care Issues
The health care industry in general, and hospitals in particular, have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in many respects. At its most basic level, the impact has been devastating financially. The American Hospital Association estimates that between March 1 and June 30, 2020, hospitals will have suffered financial losses of $202.6 billion, or approximately $1.66 billion per day. These losses affect all hospitals, whether they are part of large chains or are stand-alone nonprofits. Economists expect the result to be more financial failures, mergers and bankruptcy filings in an industry that was already in dire financial straits. The panelists will discuss several issues that have been pushed to the forefront by the recent decisions in Gardens Medical Center and Verity Health Systems.

American Bankruptcy Institute


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78 minutes
COVID-19: Legal Strategies for Nonprofit Meetings
The news around COVID-19 is changing daily and the situation seems to be getting worse, not better. What can you do now about the threat to your organization’s scheduled meetings and conferences, and what should you be thinking about as you plan for the coming year?

American Bar Association


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63 minutes
Professional Fundraisers and the Commonly Forgotten Commercial Co-Venture Registration
In this presentation, we'll cover the three varieties of professional fundraisers in California, the factors required for each, as well as the paperwork and filing requirements for each.

New Media Rights


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