Privacy Engineering (Privacy by Design): What is it & What Do I Need to Know

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 58 minutes
Recorded Date: February 06, 2020
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  • Introduction & Overview
  • Fundamentals Behind and the Growing Importance of Privacy Engineering
  • Factors Requiring Privacy Engineering - Legal Rules
  • Strategies to Help Incorporate Privacy Engineering into Product Development
  • Conclusion
  • Q & A
Runtime: 1 hour
Recorded: February 6, 2020


As privacy has evolved over time, developers of products, technology, networks and business practices have been realizing the importance of incorporating privacy from the beginning instead of as add on. Privacy engineering ensures that privacy considerations are integrated into product design. As technology continues to evolve a rapid pace ,the necessity for privacy engineering will only continue to grow.

This program was recorded as part of's Legalweek Conference on February 6th, 2020.

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Megan Cristina

Chief Privacy Officer

Megan Cristina is Chief Privacy Officer at Slack, where she has built the privacy and data governance program from the ground up over the last three years.

Megan leads privacy and policy guidance across Slack, enabling the company and its customers to comply with global privacy laws and regulations. She and her team were instrumental in leading Slack’s GDPR compliance efforts and more recently have been leading Slack’s compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.
Megan’s experience spans a variety of privacy, policy, trust and safety roles.

Prior to joining Slack, she was Director of Trust and Safety at Twitter, and prior to that, Senior Director of Ad Policy, Trust and Safety at Yahoo!. In both of these roles, Megan led development, implementation and communication of global policies, while also ensuring compliance. Her teams were responsible for advising product teams on features and policies that support business objectives while also creating a safe and trusted experience.

Matthew Coleman

Managing Associate
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Matthew Coleman is a Managing Associate in Orrick’s Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation practice group in New York. Matthew
leverages years of experience in researching, auditing, counseling, and litigating complex, multi-jurisdictional issues
surrounding privacy, cybersecurity and information governance. Matthew is a Certified Information Privacy Manager and a
Certified Information Privacy Professional with a specialization in United States privacy law.

Robert Brownstone

Technology & eDiscovery Counsel and Chair, EIM Practice Group
Fenwick & West LLP

Robert Brownstone advises clients on: electronic discovery; electronic information management (EIM) and “eWorkplace” policies; retention/destruction policies and protocols; information-security and data privacy; and social-media rewards and risks. Bob collaborates with clients as to computer solutions enabling legal compliance. On a number of those issues he now advises on the impacts of international privacy laws such as the EU GDPR. Both in deposition and at trial, he has handled direct-testimony and cross-examination of expert witnesses as to electronically stored information (ESI) and computer-forensics.

A nationally recognized advisor, thought leader and resource on ESI, Bob writes the IT Law Today blog, has authored over 70 articles on law and technology issues, been cited in more than 30 law review articles and been featured or quoted more than 80 times in various media outlets. He has also delivered more than 400 presentations and chaired over 25 conferences on the following topics: Compliance; Data & Records Retention/Destruction; eDiscovery/ Electronic Information Management; ESI, Privacy and/or Social-Media in the Workplace; Information Security; and Metadata. Since 2009, Bob has taught more than ten Electronic Discovery Law & Process law school courses at the University of San Francisco (USF), Brooklyn, Santa Clara University and University of Puerto Rico schools of law. He has also been a guest lecturer at several other non-law-school universities.?

Robert Bond

Bristows LLP

Robert Bond is a Solicitor and Notary Public of England & Wales and a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional. He has over 40 years of experience as a legal expert and author in the fields of e-commerce, computer games, media and publishing, data protection, information security and cyber risks.

He is a founder member of the UN Expert Group on Data Governance and AI, Trustee of the UK Safer Internet Centre, Vice President of the Society for Corporate Compliance & Ethics and the Health Care Compliance Association, Chairman of the Governance Board of the Data Protection Network, a Fellow of the Society of Advanced Legal Studies, a Companion of the British Computer Society , a Council Member of the Notaries Society and a Board member of the Trust, Authentication and Privacy over a DeCentralised Social Registry (TAPESTRY) project at University of Surrey.

Amie Taal

Consultant, Investigator, Researcher & Public Speaker
Stratagem Tech Solutions Ltd.

Stratagem Tech Solutions is a Technology and Data Privacy consulting company with proven expertise in audits, investigations, litigation and risk, used by legal and business customers worldwide including many public sector organisations and the world’s leading corporations. Our services help customers gain insight and intelligence on the collection, processing, storage, security and maintenance of electronic data in compliance with set legislations and regulatory requirements.

We define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, communities and individuals worldwide. This principle is the cornerstone of our ethos and it continues to underpin everything we do.

Each of the services we deliver is specifically tailored for you, our Client, and all of our Consultants that deliver these services are platform agnostic, technology independent (where possible) and vendor neutral. We understand the subject matter and understand business culture (most of us have worked in many different countries throughout the world and understand local cultural requirements as well).

We offer a full service from initial capture of the business needs to development and we share delivery risk with you by fixing our price based on clear deliverables agreed in advance, wherever we can.

Our clients choose us because we challenge convention to find new and imaginative answers to their questions. We turn those into the solutions that really work in practice, not just on paper.

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