Managing a Multi-Jurisdictional Practice

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 62 minutes
Recorded Date: March 19, 2020
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  • Create a Central Management Framework
  • Address Risk Management Issues
  • Develop Key Performances Metrics
  • Manage Consolidated and Local Financial Reporting
Runtime: 1 hour, 2 minutes
Recorded: March 19, 2020


This seminar will help an array of law practice professionals learn and engage in relevant discussions on topics related to running a law practice in multiple jurisdictions. The speakers will discuss integrated cloud-based systems as a potential advantage to improving overall transparency and accountability, and other key issues common to multi-jurisdictional practices.

This program was recorded on March 19th, 2020.

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American Bar Association


Joshua Kalish

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Client Services
The Noble Law Firm

Josh Kalish joined The Noble Law employment law firm full-time in 2015, after several years in an advisory capacity, to lead the development of Client Service Digital Capabilities. He also leads the outreach efforts to promote the firm’s growing legal services offerings.

Already a near-paperless employment law firm when Josh joined, The Noble Law has migrated to an advanced Client-centric case management system. The new case management approach reflects the Firm’s vision to be on the cutting edge of legal technology as well as our values on the importance of communication in our client-attorney relationships.

New clients can request a consultation online or can complete an intake with a paralegal and get a managing partner response back the same day. Our dedicated Client Portal allows confidential documents, including video and audio files, to be securely shared. Reflecting our focus as a boutique firm on being accessible to our clients, the portal provides secure messaging directly to our dedicated attorneys and paralegals on the case.

The productivity of our employment attorneys is also greatly enhanced, giving us a competitive advantage for both employer and employee matters. Synchronized calendaring, emails, document management, time tracking, online bill pay, team collaboration, and automated workflow engines greatly accelerate our employment law firm’s speed and effectiveness in representing our client’s interests.

Josh has more than 20 years of management consulting, finance and business strategy insights. He brings to The Noble Law his experience in managing successful financial and technology projects on Wall Street, as well as leading numerous start-up ventures in New York and RTP. To give back to the community, Josh has proudly been a mentor-coach for over eight years at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler MBA and Executive MBA Entrepreneur programs. In his spare time, he enjoys tennis, yoga, playing with his basement band, and traveling to tournaments as a nationally-ranked Tae Kwon Do referee.

Dave Christensen, Esq.

Cantor Colburn, LLP

Dave currently focuses on assisting clients in protecting their inventions in both U.S. and foreign patent offices in a variety of technical fields, including automotive, electrical power distribution and transmission, renewable energy, and optical measurement systems. He also has significant experience in assisting clients in developing cost-effective strategies for building and managing their intellectual property portfolios. Dave further counsels startup to medium-sized clients in preparing their portfolios for investment financing and associated due diligence activities.

Dave chairs the firm's Additive Manufacturing Practice Group. Before beginning his career as an IP attorney, Dave was as an engineer, where he gained hands-on experience in additive technologies such as 3D printing, manufacturing and product design.

Mattew Driggs, Esq.

Owner & CEO
The Advocates

Matt started his law firm with the objective of building a community of caring, understanding, and philanthropy that is centered around the needs of its clientele. His polished product resulted in the creation of The Advocates Law Firm.

Matt graduated from the University of Utah’s Law School in December of 1991, and he immediately began to practice personal injury law in January of 1992. He started a solo practice in Midvale, and in 1995 moved to downtown Salt Lake. In 1996, Matt purchased a building which housed The Advocates until 2018 when the firm moved to its current location. Matt and a group of partnering attorneys of The Advocates joined forces and became the Driggs, Bills & Day, P.C. personal injury law firm. In his collective years with The Advocates, Matt has compensated his clients to the tune of over $300 million dollars.

When Matt isn’t in the office, he spends most of his time with his wife and five wonderful children. He is extremely passionate about traveling and self-betterment. Matt’s bucket list is packed full of adventure, including traveling to every continent and seeing every Wonder of the World.

Ramon Viñas-Bueso, Esq.

Viñas Law Office

As an attorney in private practice since 1994, most of Ramon’s work has involved representing corporate defendants, but he also represent certain individuals in civil rights, employment, estate, and other matters. He has worked with property and casualty, health insurance, surety, self-insured, motor-vehicle and maritime companies; in matters involving coverage, loss mitigation, distribution, employment, project take-overs, accident, provider, and beneficiary disputes. Early in his career, he was involved in some of the largest products liability and mass tort actions to be filed in Puerto Rico, that served as precedent to today’s complex litigation rules. Ramón practices before the Commonwealth, U.S. district and bankruptcy courts, and several government agencies

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