Emerging Technologies for Effective eDiscovery in the Era of Digital Rich Media Communications

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 55 minutes
Recorded Date: March 16, 2021
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  • Why the old way isn’t working
  • The impact for eDiscovery
  • Emerging technologies that can help
Runtime: 55 minutes
Recorded: March 16, 2021


New communication channels and content types proliferate within today’s businesses. Employees are communicating across collaboration apps, file sharing tools, social media, and more – and they’re doing so with text, video, images, and an ever expanding field of media types. In this new paradigm, the old ways of capturing, managing, and reviewing electronic communications content are no longer sufficient for efficient discovery, particularly in highly litigious industries. Discovery and review can quickly get complex and expensive if new media types aren’t adequately handled, attribution isn’t consistent, or context isn’t preserved. 

In this session, join a panel of experts to learn how current and future communication usage impact eDiscovery practices and processes, how to assess these changes at each phase of eDiscovery, and which emerging technologies can help you ensure your eDiscovery remains effective in the new paradigm of communications.

This program was recorded as part of ALM's Legalweek 2021 Virtual Conference on March 16th, 2021.

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John Pepe

Resient Chief Compliance Officer & Regulatory Counsel

John Pepe is the Resident Chief Compliance Officer & Regulatory Counsel at Proofpoint where he helped solve eDiscovery, legal, compliance, supervision, and surveillance challenges using industry best practices and the latest analytics tools. John hold a JD from Rutgers Law School.

Amanda Anderson

Product Marketing Manager, Compliance

Amanda is the Managing Editor for Threat Research and Thought Leadership Content at Proofpoint, where she shares industry-leading insights with the cybersecurity community. Amanda has been at Proofpoint since 2019 and has also led marketing strategy for Digital Risk and Compliance products.

Amanda holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Jordan Domash

General Manager

Jordan Domash is Relativity's general manager of Relativity Trace. He guides a focused team in the development of this tool, built on the Relativity platform, for proactive compliance monitoring, supporting engineering, marketing, and sales.

George Tziahanas

CEO, Managing Partner

George leads all aspects of Soho?, delivering leading AI driven solutions focused on information risk and insight. George develops and implement advanced analytics addressing complex legal and compliance challenges. Introduced next generation automated speech recognition and analytics to regulate and enterprise clients. Established partner with leading technology firms that deliver innovative solutions to complex information problems for strategic clients.

Prior to founding Soho?, George provided advisory services to leading legal technology companies, and held leadership positions with Luminance, HP/Autonomy, Orchestra and Intel.

George holds an M.S. in Molecular Systematics, and a JD from the DePaul College of Law. He is admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois and the Federal District for the Northern District of Illinois.

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