Benchmarking Law Department Operations Metrics, Efficiencies & Outcomes: Building a Roadmap for the Future

Level: Advanced
Runtime: 58 minutes
Recorded Date: June 12, 2017
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  • Setting the stage
  • The 3 year roadmap
  • Implementation: Priority Projects Timeline
  • Implementation: Project Demands
  • Strategy: 3 Year IT Plan
  • Background: Tracking Metrics
Runtime: 1 hour
Recorded: June 12, 2017


Crafting a legal department technology strategy and a 3-5 year roadmap will support future processes and needs. This panel discussion will include a walkthrough on how to use data mining and analytics as predictive tools, developing targeted questions to uncover weak spots, and best resources available to help craft the outcomes your office wants to achieve. This panel discussion will explore current industry benchmarks and metrics that drive innovation and improve legal operations management.

This program was recorded on June 12th, 2017.

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Frances Pomposo

Head of Legal Operations

Ms. Pomposo is the Head of Legal Operations at Lyft & the Lead of CLOC Emerging legal Department Group. As an experienced legal operations professional and leader of CLOC's Emerging Legal Department Group she is responsible for driving efficiency, communications, and processes across the company & department.

Mick Cox

Senior Director, Legal Operations

Mick has worked at Salesforce for over ten years and currently leads the Legal Operations team responsible for program management, software tools, process improvement guidance, training, vendor management, and analytics that enable the Legal department to continuously improve.

Prior to his Legal Operations role, Mick spent several years on the Salesforce Tech & Products team, holding a variety of roles including leading the Quality Engineering teams for a number of product lines and leading programs focused on topics such as Software Engineer retention and mobility, university recruiting, agile software development, and feature retirement.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Mick spent another ten years in high tech working in a variety of customer-facing and quality assurance leadership roles.

He earned his J.D. from Santa Clara University, with a specialization certificate in High Tech Law, emphasizing Intellectual Property Law, and a B.S. with a dual major in Math / Computer Science and Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Stephanie Corey

CLOC, Co-Founder; Co-Founder & General Partner
UpLevel Ops

Stephanie Corey is a co-founder of UpLevel Ops, a consulting firm specializing in providing services for in-house legal departments and law firms. UpLevel Ops provides a complete range of Legal Operations support, including IT solutions, Finance and Budget guidance, Talent Management and Development, Benchmarking, Best Practices and Metrics, and Outside Counsel Selection and Management.

Stephanie also founded and is a former executive member of the leading legal operations trade organization CLOC, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium. She is a widely respected veteran in the Legal Ops field.

Most recently, Stephanie has served as the Chief of Staff and Senior Director of Legal Operations at Flex, the second largest manufacturing company in the world. She has spent the better part of her career providing value-added services to Legal Departments, including building and deploying critical infrastructure to enable them to meet their business priorities. Her areas of expertise include Information Technology, System Implementations, Process Analysis and Improvements, Finance, Communications and Administration.

Stephanie began her career at Merrill Lynch in Pennsylvania, and after relocating to California, she worked at Bailard, Biehl and Kaiser, an investment firm in Foster City. Once she decided to move into Corporate Finance, Stephanie took a position under the CFO, managing the Finance and Accounting Department at Provident Funding Mortgage Bank.

She later moved to Hewlett-Packard, where she was employed for eleven years as the head Legal Operations Manager, running a large IT and Finance Department. Her most recent role at HP was Chief of Staff to the General Counsel, responsible for managing the daily operations of the Legal Department, working closely with the General Counsel and his reports to develop the strategy for the delivery of technology, finance and administrative solutions.

Stephanie holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Lehigh University, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wilkes University.

Christine Coats

Vice President, Legal Operations

Christine Coats is Vice President of Legal Operations at Oracle, reporting directly to Oracle’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel Dorian Daley. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services.

Before joining Oracle, Coats spent the majority of her nine years at Symantec as its Chief of Staff. In this role, she oversaw the centralized operation of its legal and public relations teams. Coats was also responsible for executing significant expense reductions through preferred outside counsel programs, as well as implementing an e-billing and global enterprise contract management system and a company-wide records retention policy and program.

Prior to Symantec, Coats held a variety of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) positions, including software business controller and division consolidation manager, during her 21 years with IBM’s software and hardware divisions.

She currently serves as CFO Ex-officio and board member of Leadership California, a network of accomplished women leaders dedicated to advancing the leadership role of women in California. Coats is on the leadership team of the CLOC organization performing the CFO role.

Coats holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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