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Building a Successful Women's Initiative


With this program you will receive free access to the ALM Intelligence Survey: Where Do We Go From Here? Big Law's Struggle with Recruiting and Retaining Female Talent.
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Approved for CLE credit in: AK,AZ,CA,CT,MO,ND,NJ,NY,PA,VT

Here you will gain insight into how to build and drive a women’s initiative in your legal department, including resource groups and coaching & mentoring initiatives. The discussion will include a debate on the merits of ‘open groups’ vs ‘closed groups’. Additionally, the discussion will expand to cover the concept of Sponsorship and its key influence on career trajectory for women in the legal profession.

This program was recorded on October 12th, 2017.

Provided By: Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference

  • Purpose
  • Strategy and Structure
  • Programming and Activities
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Accountability
  • Challenges
Runtime: 1 hour
Recorded: October 12, 2017

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This program is has been approved for credit in AK,AZ,CA,CT,MO,ND,NJ,NY,PA,VT

Experienced attorneys only (non-transitional)

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Panelist Biographies

Judith Hargrave

Assistant General Counsel
Philip Morris International

Judy Hargrave has been Assistant General Counsel for Philip Morris International’s Latin America and Canada region since 2011. She joined Philip Morris International in 1988 as a Corporate Counsel for Philip Morris Limited (Australia), having started her in-house counsel career at Hoechst (Australia) Ltd in 1986. In 1992, Judy was appointed General Counsel and Company Secretary (Australia) and in 1994 was appointed Director, Legal and Corporate Services (Australia) responsible for Law, Risk and Insurance and Compliance. Judy was appointed as an Assistant General Counsel in 2001 and moved with Philip Morris International to Hong Kong. During this time she was involved in the business expansion into Asia. Alongside this, she helped establish the Asia Law team.

In 2011 Judy moved to New York where she holds her current position. In this role, Judy covers a wide variety of legal matters including mergers and acquisitions, competition law, corporate governance and industry specific regulation. She also oversees Philip Morris International’s Diversity and Inclusion in the Latin America Legal Profession Program. She embraces diversity and inclusion and in particular enjoys coaching and mentoring new in-house counsel. Throughout her career Judy has also held various roles with Corporate Lawyers Associations both in Australia and Hong Kong, and is currently a Trustee of Oxford Academy in Connecticut.

Judy holds graduate degrees in Law and Economics and a post-graduate diploma in Commercial Law, all from Monash University in Australia.

Sheila Murphy

Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Sheila is Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel at MetLife and leads the Regulatory and Retail Litigation Unit that provides regulatory advice to its US Business and litigation,and risk mitigation advice to its US Retail and Direct Business organizations. She spearheads the Litigation Support Business Owner’s Committee and advises on e-discovery issues. Sheila is also responsible for talent development for the Litigation Section.

Sheila was selected to be on the Advisory Board to MetLife’s Women’s Business Network and a member of its US Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion. She is co-Chair of Legal Affairs Academy and previously co-chaired its Management Development subcommtitee. Previously she was a member of Legal Affairs IT Governance Committee and its member of the Retention and Development Subcommittee of the Diversity Committee. Sheila has chaired and been a member of a number of strategic and talent management initiative committees.

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Building a Successful Women's Initiative


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