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The Oregon State Bar allows attorneys to complete all forty-five (45) MCLE credits online, including the five (5) required hours in Ethics.

With the 
Oregon Compliance Bundle, you can earn forty-five (45) MCLE hours including five (5) hours in Ethics, three (3) hours in Access to Justice, one (1) hour in Child and Elder Abuse Reporting, and one (1) hour in Mental Health & Substance Abuse Education for only $289. 

Please note that this bundle will NOT satisfy the specific requirements for newly admitted attorneys.
Program Details
 NamePractice AreaCreditsProviderFormat
5046 Overcoming Chronic Stress by Improving Attorney Mental Health & Wellness Ethics,Mental Health,Mental Health/Sub. Abuse,Substance Abuse View American Bar AssociationVideo
4943 Your Ethical Duties: Protecting Client Confidences Ethics,Privacy,Technology View American Bankruptcy InstituteVideo
4936 Navigating § 552: Pre-Petition Security Interests in Proceeds Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law,Career/Competitive Edge,Finance,In-House Counsel,Litigation View American Bankruptcy InstituteVideo
4932 Rights Offering: Introduction and Overview Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law View American Bankruptcy InstituteVideo
4930 How to Successfully Litigate a Relief-from-Stay Motion Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law,Career/Competitive Edge,Litigation,State Law,Trial Skills View American Bankruptcy InstituteVideo
4929 Demystification of Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law,Career/Competitive Edge,Contracts,In-House Counsel,Regulatory Law View American Bankruptcy InstituteVideo
4904 Guess Who's Coming to Court: A Program About Bias and Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion,Elimination of Bias View Stuart TeicherVideo
4903 Deadly Pitfalls in the Practice of Law: Substance Abuse Ethics,Mental Health,Mental Health/Sub. Abuse,Substance Abuse View Stuart TeicherVideo
4894 Ethical Challenges in Supporting Client Independence and Autonomy Ethics View American Bar AssociationVideo
4881 GDPR Triage: In the Midst of 10,000 Contracts to Review, Picking the Spots to Mitigate the Biggest Risks Career/Competitive Edge,Corporate Law,Cybersecurity,In-House Counsel,International,Law Practice Management,Privacy,Regulatory Law,Technology View SuperConferenceAudio
4875 Revamping Employee Data, Cloud & Social Media Policies and Training to Mitigate Legal Risks Career/Competitive Edge,Class Action,Cloud Computing,Corporate Law,Crisis Management,Cybersecurity,Employment Law,Fraud,In-House Counsel,Intellectual Property,Liability & Risk Management,Litigation,Privacy,Social Media,Technology,Telecommunications,White Collar Law View SuperConferenceAudio
4874 Litigation Crisis Management: Building an Action Plan to Guide Your Brand through a Corporate Crisis Career/Competitive Edge,Class Action,Corporate Law,In-House Counsel,Liability & Risk Management,Litigation View SuperConferenceAudio
4869 Evaluating Sexual Harassment Claims: Strategies and Best Practices Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law,Civil Practice,Civil Procedure,Civil Rights,Employment Law,Harassment,Litigation,Trial Skills View American Bar AssociationVideo
4863 Ethically Interviewing and Preparing Witnesses for Deposition and Trial Ethics View American Bar AssociationVideo
4817 The Metrics Don't Lie: Alternative Ways to Measure eDiscovery Provider Performance & Value ADR,Career/Competitive Edge,E-Discovery,Law Practice Management,Litigation,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4798 Civil Commitment: A Way to Address America’s Opioid Crisis? Civil Practice,Civil Rights,Constitutional Law,Criminal Law,Disability Law,Family Law,Federal Law,Health & Healthcare,Local Law,State Law View American Bar AssociationVideo
4789 FinTech Law & Regulation: Exploring the Potential for Blockchain to Remake Business Accounting,Artificial Intelligence,Banking and Bankruptcy,Bankruptcy Law,Business Law,Career/Competitive Edge,Commercial Law ,Commercial Practice,Consumer Protection,Corporate Law,Cybersecurity,Finance,In-House Counsel,Intellectual Property,International,Internet/E-Commerce,Regulatory Law,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4775 An Introduction to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) Artificial Intelligence,Career/Competitive Edge,Cloud Computing,Discovery,E-Discovery,Law Practice Management,Litigation,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4753 Advising & Influencing the C-Suite: The Key Skills for Tomorrow's GC Career/Competitive Edge,Corporate Law,In-House Counsel,Law Practice Management,Securities,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4752 The Foundations of Financial Acumen that Every In-House Counsel Should Know Attorney's Fees,Business Law,Career/Competitive Edge,Financial Statements,In-House Counsel,Law Practice Management,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4750 Incorporating the Power of Technology into GDPR Compliance Programs Career/Competitive Edge,Cybersecurity,International,Law Practice Management,Technology View LegalweekVideo
4749 Strategies and Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Data in Litigation and Regulatory Discovery Career/Competitive Edge,Cybersecurity,Law Practice Management,Litigation,Technology View LegalweekVideo
4746 The Foundation of AI and Machine Learning - What They Are (and Aren't) and How to Tell the Difference Artificial Intelligence,Career/Competitive Edge,Cloud Computing,E-Discovery,In-House Counsel,Law Practice Management,Technology View LegalweekVideo
4732 Your Time to Shine - A Lawyer's Duty to Report Elder and Child Abuse in Oregon Abuse Reporting,Child Abuse,Elder Law View Stuart TeicherVideo
4730 Supreme Court Constitutional Decisions on Criminal Law Issues for the 2016-2017 Term Career/Competitive Edge,Constitutional Law,Criminal Law,Due Process ,Fourth Amendment View Saltzman SeminarsVideo
4646 The Realities of Bias - Fact or Fiction Civil Rights,Diversity and Inclusion,Law Practice Management View Women, Influence & Power in Law ConferenceVideo
4643 Lying, Loyalty, and Lots of Ethics Rules Ethics View Stuart TeicherVideo
4622 Damages - Early Case Assessment Accounting,Career/Competitive Edge,Criminal Law,Law Practice Management,Litigation,Trial Skills View New York Law JournalVideo
4618 Litigation Funding as a Risk Sharing Tool Career/Competitive Edge,Law Practice Management,Litigation,Newly Admitted View New York Law JournalVideo
4610 Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District: Academic Achievement & Students with Disabilities Civil Rights,Disability Law,Family Law,Federal Law,Litigation,Local Law,State Law View American Bar AssociationVideo
4592 Dividing Retirement Assets Upon Death or Divorce Asset Protection,Banking and Bankruptcy,Career/Competitive Edge,Consumer Protection,Estate Planning,Family Law,Matrimonial Trial Law,Probate,Tax Law,Trusts View American Bar AssociationAudio
4568 What My Son's High School Principal Teaches About Diversity in Practice Diversity and Inclusion,Elimination of Bias,Ethics View Stuart TeicherVideo
4553 AI & Automation: Game Changers for the Legal Marketplace Artificial Intelligence,Career/Competitive Edge,Law Practice Management,Technology View LegalweekAudio
4523 Fundamental Will & Trust Drafting Estate Planning,Trusts View American Bar AssociationAudio

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