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Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education allows attorneys to earn fifteen(15) of the required forty-five (45) CLE credit hours online.

With this Minnesota Elimination of Bias and Ethics Compliance Bundle, you can complete all specialty hours required by Minnesota including three (3) in Ethics and two (2) in Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession.

You have one year from the date of purchase to complete your programs.

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Program Details
 NamePractice AreaCreditsProviderFormat
4761 Litigation Funding: Seeing 20/20 on the Ethics and Law Attorney Client Relationship,Ethics,Litigation View LegalweekVideo
4659 Big Brother is Watching, Just So We Don't Get Sued - Where to Draw the Line on Employee Monitoring and Privacy Cybersecurity,Employment Law,Ethics,Privacy,Technology View Women, Influence & Power in Law ConferenceVideo
4646 The Realities of Bias - Fact or Fiction Civil Rights,Diversity and Inclusion,Law Practice Management View Women, Influence & Power in Law ConferenceVideo
4643 Lying, Loyalty, and Lots of Ethics Rules Ethics View Stuart TeicherVideo
4581 Diversity Spotlight: Strengthening an Inclusive Corporate Culture and Diverse Workforce Diversity and Inclusion,Elimination of Bias,Ethics View SuperConferenceAudio

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