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6 NC CLE credits

North Carolina attorneys may earn 6 of 12 CLE credits online at  


General - 10 hours
Professional Responsibility - 2 hours

Compliance Date:

Dec 31 every year *

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Reporting Date Rule :
*The deadline for North Carolina is December 31. Please note there is a grace period that allows attorneys to complete all credits by the last day of February. If you have any questions, please contact your state bar for further clarity.

Credits Attorney Can Earn on
North Carolina attorneys may earn six (6) of twelve (12) CLE credits online at

Every three years, attorneys must take one additional hour devoted exclusively to instruction in substance abuse awareness or debilitating mental conditions, and a lawyer's professional responsibilities. will report all completed credits directly to the North Carolina State Bar within 30-day of completion. Please make sure you have updated your MCLE Profile to include your bar number so we can report the hours.

Note: You will be assessed a fee of $3.50 per credit hour by the North Carolina State Bar. You will receive a bill for their attendance fees after they return their annual report forms each year.

Attorneys may carry over 12 hours to the next reporting cycle.

Additional Information :
North Carolina State Bar, Continuing Legal Education
(919) 733-0123

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