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Oregon Change State
45 OR CLE credits

Oregon attorneys may earn all 45 credits online at CLECenter.com.  


General - 39 hours
Ethics - 5 hours
Elder Abuse Reporting Obligations - 1 hours

Compliance Date:

December 31
Every three years

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Reporting Date Rule :
Courses must be completed by December 31 of the attorney's reporting year and credits must be submitted to the Oregon State Bar by the following January 31.

Credits Attorney Can Earn on CLECenter.com:
The Oregon State Bar allows attorneys to complete all forty-five (45) of their MCLE credits online, including five (5) hours required in Ethics. In alternating periods three (3) hours in Access to Justice and one (1) hour in Child and Elder Abuse Reporting.
Please see below for a breakdown of the specialty hour requirement.

2018-2020 Period: Three (3) hours in Access to Justice + one (1) hour in Child and Elder Abuse Reporting
2021-2023 Period: One (1) hour in Child and Elder Abuse Reporting

Additional Information :
Oregon State Bar
(503) 620-0222

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