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33 FL CLE credits

Florida attorneys may earn all 33 CLE credits online at CLECenter.com.

**Starting January 1, 2017**

New Technology Requirement 
Amendment to Rule 6-10.3(b) 
Effective January 1, 2017, each member shall complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of approved continuing legal education activity every 3 years. Five of the 33 credit hours must be in approved legal ethics, professionalism, bias elimination, substance abuse, or mental illness awareness programs and 3 of the 33 credit hours must be in approved technology programs which are included in, not addition to, the regular 33 credit hour requirement. If a member completes more than 33 credit hours during any reporting cycle, the excess credits cannot be carried over to the next reporting cycle. Compliance for the new rule will begin in the member’s next reporting cycle following the January 1, 2017 effective date.


General - 25 hours
Ethics - 5 hours
Technology - 3 hours

Compliance Date:

Assigned by Florida. Every three years

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Reporting Date Rule :
All attorneys must complete 33 hours every 3 years. Reporting date is assigned by the Florida State Bar.

Credits Attorney Can Earn on CLECenter.com:
Florida attorneys may earn all 33 CLE credits online at CLECenter.com.

Additional Information :
The Florida Bar
(850) 561-5600

Newly admitted attorneys: Please note that the Florida Bar requires all newly admitted attorneys to take 3 basic skills courses through the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) of the Florida bar. Each basic skills course varies in length. Additional information can be found by clicking this link 6-12 Basic Skills Course Requirement Rule

We suggest that if you are a newly admitted FL attorney that you only purchase a Florida Mini Bundle from us. Using the Mini Bundle along with the basic skills course provided by the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) will allow you to fulfill all 30 credits.

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